Start A Crowdfunding Campaign

There is no more reason for your ideas to remain simply as ideas; the monumental, the seemingly impossible, and the highly-

inventive are now within reach, and can be made into reality through crowdfunding. Still have reservations about crowdfunding?

Well, here’s why you should go for it:

1. Choose a project. Your chosen project has to be specific, and time-bound. Choose from the things you are most passionate about, and make sure that it Your campaign can be of any nature as long as they do not violate any of the crowdfunding platform’s terms.

2. Set a financial target. After choosing your project, planning your budget for the entire project is the next step. You must set a specific financial target. You must also be very straightforward about how much money you need for your project, and where the money would ultimately go.

3. Draft a project pitch. The next step to take in starting your campaign is creating a pitch. A pitch must effectively communicate everything about your project that people must know about, and most importantly, a pitch must convince people to fund your project. Develop a pitch through establishing the importance of your project. The final pitch must be engaging and concise.

4. Pick a crowdfunding platform. Choose a platform to launch your crowdfunding campaign on. Do sufficient research, and do not forget to read your chosen platform’s rules and guidelines. Adhere to them to avoid problems in the future.

5. Launch your campaign. Market your campaign even before the launch to get people talking. Let the people know what your campaign is all about. You can use different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in marketing your campaign’s launch.



After launching your campaign, get people to continue showing their support by acknowledging and appreciating them. You can update them from time to time about your campaign’s progress, and let them know how much of a difference their support makes.

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