So You Need to Raise Funds?
Why and How You Should Crowdfund


There is no more reason for your ideas to remain simply as ideas; the monumental, the seemingly impossible, and the highly-

inventive are now within reach, and can be made into reality through crowdfunding. Still have reservations about crowdfunding?

Well, here’s why you should go for it:

1. It’s efficient

Crowdfunding is a cost-effective and time-efficient way to start your project. In comparison with traditional fundraising, it saves you a lot of time, and as one should know time is valuable in the process of executing your ideas. Time saved through crowdsourcing can be spent on fortifying other areas of your project that need it the most.

2. It promotes your projects organically

Organic promotion helps in gauging the number of people genuinely interested in your project, and depending on their level of interest, they can market your project through sharing it on different platforms. This, of course, gains you traction and media exposure, all made possible through crowdfunding.

3. Helps you build a community.

A single idea can connect you with the people around you, especially with those who recognize the strengths of your idea, and its probability for success. A community can also entail necessary feedback to refine your idea. Both feedback and support are vital in the success of a project. Apart from being vital to your current project, a community can also translate into a readily available network of people who can support you on your future projects.

Tell your story. Whether it is a startup idea or an international scholarship, tell people about your campaign’s story, your story. What is your campaign about? Why do you need their help? Why does it matter? Answering these questions can help illustrate your campaign’s story. Make your story resonate with people through keeping it engaging and genuine.

Set a funding goal. Decide on how much you really need; be realistic. Estimate the number of people you know who are more than willing to donate. Somewhere between these two should be your funding goal for the campaign if you want your goal to be achievable

Promote your campaign. Heavy promotion can help your campaign gain more supporters and widen your crowdfunding community. Make every effort to tell people about your project and your campaign. It’s good to talk about your project but be sure to actually communicate. Make it two-way, and create conversation.

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